I have decided that, rather than go through the hassle and expense of producing more CDs in the future (and then trying unsuccessfully to sell them), I will offer them for your listening here on The Banjo Snob. I have started this with my last CD–The Plectrum Banjo Music of Emile Grimshaw–and am now adding individual tracks of A.D. Cammeyer. Hover over the Recordings button until Emile Grimshaw and A.D. Cammeyer appear, then click on that.

As I complete individual recordings in the coming years, I will post them here and advertise them through my usual channels. Check back occasionally to see if I have posted anything new.

The important thing to me is that this archive of great, pre-Jazz Age banjo music gets recorded and preserved (much of it is unrecorded); the logistical roadblocks caused by producing a CD have made this a challenge. Of course, my hope is that I will help to spark interest in this great music, and maybe boost the sheet music sales for Clifford Essex. The sheet music can be found at the following address:

All I ask is that you consider sending some cash my way via my GoFundMe account (link to the right of this writing). Every dime donated will go toward my ongoing efforts to fund lessons for young, deserving banjo students.