Plectrum Playing for Modern Banjoists: MP3s

Here are the exercise examples that go with Plectrum Playing for Modern Banjoists (“live” MP3s). Due to a mix-up (I live in Arizona, the publisher is in England), the original book was published with computer-generated files. Then, I produced my own live CDs, but the numbering system was messed up (I-Tunes changed the file names, and I didn’t catch it until recently). Then, the publisher printed a new edition with a simplified number system!

So, these MP3s are for my original stock of books, and of course will work with the original edition from the publisher. Of course, they’re just a bunch of numbers; to be useable, you need the book! Write to me, and I will hook you up ($35 + shipping).

This book is an update of one written by Emile Grimshaw in the early 1920s; it is considered to be the guide for playing the English Classic plectrum banjo. As far as I’m concerned, this is how you learn to play the banjo “properly” (not Chord Melody style); the techniques work for any style of banjo music. For an idea of the type of material in this book, open up this PDF, and listen to 099a.

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