Self Education

I am a very stubborn student! It’s like I’m proud of my ignorance or something; “you can’t teach me anything!” (whined in a bratty 10-year-old voice). There have been only two situations where I’ve been able to overcome this self-limiting attitude; the first is when I have paid for college classes (I’m cheap!).

Banjo Personality

Writing has been quite a revelation to me; without it, my mind just wanders as it wishes—no discipline, no direction (squirrel!). Half of what I write could only be classified as the musings of a mad-man! Some of that rambling ends up in the essays I actually publish, not that anyone would notice. . . I guess you could say my writing mirrors my personality (it certainly doesn’t mirror any actual training or special skill!). This brings up the subject for this blog; with a couple of banjo shows coming up this season where I’m an actual “headliner,” I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my on-stage personality.

I Hate the Banjo!

It amazes me how often I hear this when I mention to a new acquaintance that I play the banjo! It used to catch me off guard, leaving me struggling for something to say in that awkward moment (not exactly a good way to start off a friendship). To be totally fair, I get “oh I love the banjo!” just as often. The two extremes invariably refer to the same thing of course; Bluegrass is what they either hate or love!

The Banjo Economy

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is More “not afraid to ask for things/assistance,” less “afraid to impose.” So why don’t I start out the banjo convention season by asking you for assistance? As you know, Capitalism works because folks buy lots of stuff they don’t need; this is what a “strong economy” means.