The Recorded Plectrum Banjo

If nothing else, I hope you have noticed by now that I take the four-string banjo very seriously! Yes, I do have a life away from the banjo, and I even know how to let down my hair—such as it is—and have fun! The banjo was left simmering on the back burner for too many years though while I was doing that adult thing called “paying bills” (I’m too smart to try to make a living as a musician!); now that I am retired and find myself with “too much time on my hands,” the confounded thing has kind of taken over.

New Beginnings

The main reason I started writing magazine editorials (BMG) and then blogs in the first place is to learn! In the absence of a clear understanding of this strange phenomenon called the four-string banjo (and the lack of clear information), shouting my opinions into the abyss and then listening for the echo has been a very effective tool for this purpose.